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(2018). Analytical implementation of Roe solver for two-layer shallow water equations with accurate treatment for loss of hyperbolicity. Advances in Water Resources.


(2018). Analysis of Climate Change Impact on Water Supply in Northern Istria (Croatia). Technical Gazette.


(2018). Methodology for defining the design storm for sizing the infiltration system. Građevinar.


(2018). Geomorfološke promjene minijaturnog žala na kršu. Hrvatske vode.


(2018). Integrated computational model for Sea Organ simulation. Građevinar.


(2018). New approach to flap-type wavemaker equation with wave breaking limit. Coastal Engineering Journal.


PhD Thesis

In November 2016, I finished my PhD thesis entitled One-dimensional numerical model for layered shallow water flow in highly stratified estuaries. PDF version is available here.



River-sea interaction in the context of climate change

Programme for young researchers funded by the University of Rijeka, Croatia


This document examines various ways to compute roots of cubic (3rd order polynomial) and quartic (4th order polynomial) equations in …


I currently teach several undergraduate and graduate classes at the University of Rijeka, Faculty of Civil Engineering:

  • Introduction to Coastal Engineering (Summer Term)
  • Coastal Engineering (Winter Term)
  • Coastal Structures (Winter Term)
  • Design of Marinas and Coasts (Winter Term)
  • Urban Water Management (Winter Term)
  • Computer Programs (Summer Term)